Marahm is…

Marahm is now retired! Never again does she need to work for money. Never again does she have to put her life on hold while she goes to a job for eight hours a day! She is very happy.

Marahm is…

now a photographer. 

I’ve returned to an earlier passion. Thirty years ago I took photos, and I learned all about how to combine aperature with shutter speed and film speed, and how to use filters (over lenses, not on personal computers, which did not exist then). I learned how to process black and white in a darkroom.

Digital photograpy, compared to the old-fashioned kind, is like Arabic language compared to English. There is no end to the depth of choices and changes one can make to take a photo to its ultimate perfection, or to turn it into another photo altogether.

So now, I put photography next to writing as a primary artistic medium. I’ve added this post because photography is now an integral part of my life, and integral parts belong here, under the parent page, Who is Marahm?.


One Response to Marahm is…

  1. Safiyyah says:

    Salaams Dear:

    How’s the new camera coming along? Also, have you found any new digital art toys? 🙂

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