Call for Submissions on MotherVerse

Blogger Mamas,

Many of my readers are moms who blog, and care about the quality of their writing.

Some of you may be looking for a wider audience, or simply an additional venue for your work. I just discovered this publication ten minutes ago and had to share it with you. Some may wish to submit to the proposed anthology:



Great Tool

Windows Live Writer, has more and better features than Blogdesk for writing off line.

More importantly for WordPress bloggers, it allows an easy upload of posts using different fonts and sizes than that puny, dull black script they give us as a default. 

You’ve probably found out that you cannot always cut and paste from Microsoft Word.

It simply doesn’t work right.

I have yet to try Open Office, but I plan to stick with Live Writer.

Try it, especially if you: 1.Write off line, 2. Use WordPress, and 3. Like to experiment with fonts and photos.