Writing Nonfiction in November

For years, I’ve been aware of NaNoWriMo– the annual challenge for fiction writers to produce a fifty-thousand word manuscript during the month of November.


I’ve always wanted to participate, except that I don’t write fiction. I encouraged Brandy Chase (of American Muslimah Writer) to participate.


Actually, I suggested that if she took up the challenge, I would, as well, so she took up the challenge, and I am left with the fact that I am not a fiction writer.

Enter Jung’s concept of Synchronicity. Just this morning, while looking for something unrelated, I discovered the nonfiction equivalent to NaNoWriMo– WNFIN, Writing Nonfiction in November:


So, off I go to begin the challenge!

How shall I approach the task? I’ll need to produce about two-thousand words a day to complete the challenge. That’s a lot of writing, especially for someone like me, who hates to babble. I write deliberately. Free writing and verbal effluvience are not my strong suits, nevertheless, they will have to become so in order to meet this challenge.

I think I will make a list of subjects having to do with the events of my life, and the attitudes that have shaped my choices. Each day I’ll take up a new heading. Hopefully, some of this work will find its way to my blog. In that way, I’ll infuse some fresh material into it. I’m getting kind of saturated with writing and thinking about religion. I need a diversion.


5 responses

  1. “Hopefully, some of this work will find its way to my blog. ”

    Yes. 🙂

    I would have a hard time writing that many words also.

    There is more to life than religion, even if the spiritual is always entwined with the physical and mental.

  2. Muahaha …….

    By the way I’ve said many times…

    Not just for Fiction!


    SO here you are procrastinating in your novel…oh look here’s me doing the same…….. :p hehehehe

  3. Brandy, I know, I know, you can write non-fiction for Nano, but I thought I’d procrastinate a bit more, until I discovered WFNIN, and until YOU accepted my challenge, which I didn’t think you’d do!

    It’s turning out to be a great exercise, though, teaching me things I need to learn, not so much about my craft or content, but about my ATTITIUDE towards the whole business.

    So, I think I’ll get busy right now with the day’s effort.

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