Time for a Blogging Break

Time for a Blogging Break

Summer is here, finally, and my three little grandchildren are getting old enough to want to go outside. Between babysitting, working, playing with digital imaging, and a few other personal activities, my blog has languished. Rather than hang on, adding a thin post now and then, while reading and commenting on other blogs, I’ve decided that a blogging break is in order– cold turkey.

I haven’t done so earlier for fear of losing readers and weakening the lovely connections I’ve made with most anyone who is reading this now. I’ve noticed, however, that some of my favorite bloggers have taken breaks. Their blogs– and their readers– did not crumble away, fall apart, drift back across the ocean, or shrink up and disappear. On the contrary, new posts after a break offer freshness of spirit borne of an enthusiasm that simply needs renewal.

Therefore, I shall spend a few weeks, or months, gathering myself together, playing with my dear little grandkids, and preparing some new posts. I do not plan to break my addiction to the Internet, so if anyone wants to write me via email or comment on previous entries, I will be quick to respond.

May Allah bless you all, and keep you and your blogs safe, healthy, and unblocked!