Image Transformations

From time to time, and by popular request, I will post “before” and “after” images. The mystery of transformation is as enticing as the final image itself, therefore I hesitate to spoil it!

However, you are my friends, and will not think less of me for revealing a sliver of my secret. So, here is a rather straightforward transformation. My grandson was playing “hide and seek” with a blanket, and I shot this photo:

IMG_1195 It’s cute only for we who love my grandson, but in itself it is dull, so I played with it. Here is the first transformation, upon which I settled after trying out several dozen images:

IMG_1195_edited-2 This is nice; I like it, so I played more, and after another several dozen images, all of which would have been nice, I settled on this:

IMG_1195_edited-3 Now, I am addicted to circle-making, so I had to make a circle out of this, and after I had done so, played with the circle to get this:

IMG_1195_edited-4 I was pleased with this, and decided to go one step further, and I ended up with an image that seemed to have potential, so I saved the image, and then adjusted it for light, shadow, hue, levels, saturation, etc. I burned and dodged various points, and ended up with this:

IMG_1195_edited-5 I like this image; I think I’ve tired of playing with it.

I love using dull, ordinary snapshots to transform into stunning, colorful, abstract images.  Of course, photo-editing software is a must, but I have learned only a part of what can be done. I have lots more to learn about digital image-making, but it’s fun, and cheap, and I can do it anywhere and anytime, and it serves as an avenue to express my artistic nature.

Some of you have expressed interest in trying your hand at digital image-making. The software is easy to learn, and not expensive (if you buy Photoshop Elements). You’ll need the plug-in called Plugin Gallaxy, and you’ll need a few ordinary snapshots. That’s it! Have at it! And post your images!


7 responses

  1. I enjoyed your art, but in fact I am curious about the hide and seek. Is your grandson of an age where he thinks he is hidden by standing in plain sight with a blanket over him? It is an adorable stage, that my nephew also went through. I became very good at walking past him pretending loudly to be searching for him everywhere. 🙂

  2. Thanks, ~W~. I’m always curious about other people’s images, too. How did they they start out? What did the artist do? I guess we’re all interested in the technique as much as the final result!

    Yes, Chiara, my grandson thinks he’s hiding in plain view, and we also walk around pretending to look for him!

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