Soup for Breakfast

Soup for Breakfast

I must give credit to ~W~ for the lovely soup I made yesterday:

I started with her recipe, but ended up with my own variation. I simply cannot stick to recipes, because I keep thinking, “Wouldn’t a little (insert appropriate ingredient) taste good here?” Then I dig around the cupboard, or the refrigerator, and find something  that needs to be used before it goes bad. Sometimes I find handfuls of grains or pasta that can’t be wasted but are too small for other recipes. These discoveries seem perfect for the pot.

Soup recipes invite improvisation, so my apologies to ~W~ for digressing so readily on her lovely recipe. Hers is more tasty than mine, I am sure,  but mine is a close second!


Labor Day Weekend 784_edited-1


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  1. I am glad you tried the Harira. Your soup looks very delicious and colorful! Some recipes I follow exactly especially the first time, but many others I also make variations. My dear friend Organica is notorious for changing my recipes too 🙂
    Love you all,

  2. Green beans find their way into all kinds of things in this house. Our favorite grocery store has a “quick sale” shelf, packed full of perishables that are a day or two old, but still perfectly fresh, at half price.

    Somehow, green beans end up there in huge quantities, so we buy them whenever we see them.

  3. My husband throws everything in soups, whatever we happent ohave leftover or just little bits of – and it always turns out great. Your soup looks absolutely delicious. It’s so colorful and has lots of textures. Yummy!!!

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