Ramadan, oh Ramadan!

Never do I miss my life in the Middle East more than in Ramadan! This year, for the first time, I have blogging buddies in various countries, who will help reinforce the spirit of Ramadan simply by contibuting to their blogs.

One of the nicest blessings of Islam is the sense of connection one can establish with people one would never otherwise meet. THANK YOU, ALL! May Allah bless your Ramadan, and keep you in good faith, good health, and happiness.

Someday I will spend another Ramadan in Saudi Arabia, insha Allah. Until then, I rely upon my faith, my family, my blogging buddies, and my memories to keep me floating above it all.

Ramadan Kareem!  ♥


11 responses

  1. I wish you a Happy Ramadan too and I hope you will be able to spend a future Ramadan here in Arabia.
    PS – I love the graphic – is it a fractal? It looks like 2 mosques toward the top, but then it has that fractal look to it too.

  2. Thank you all!

    Susie, the graphic is not a fractal; I made it from one of my own photos without a final design in mind, playing with Microsoft Digital Image Suite. The mosque-like shape is an accident.

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