Night Life 


Hushed streets before dawn

The doors of the mosque still closed

Two cats pounce and play







8 responses

  1. The rules of haiku apply to both form and content. Regarding form, the tradition haiku is formed from three lines, the first and third lines having five syllables, and the second having seven syllables. This rule is often fudged in English, but I like to stick to it. It’s a Japanese form, so I don’t know how the rule works for Japanese language.

    The image should be one of emotional impact, movement, and/or some fresh scene or perspective on a scene. The image of a good haiku should stay with the reader. It’s generally a single image rather than a panorama or a story.

    In the above poem, the first two lines set a scene of darkness and stillness. Then, the third line brings in playful movement– a contrast that brings life into the night scene. I’m so glad you liked it!

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