Sitting in the Grand Mosque at Mecca one mild spring morning, I listened to the omnipresent birds as they flitted above and around the Kaaba, singing their birdsong. Only birds talk in the Haram.  Humans pray, meditate, and bask in the beauty of Allah’s creation, giving thanks for their seat at the point on Earth above which Heaven seems nearest. I wrote this haiku: 


Swallows skim and swoop

Skid, slide, squeak and tumble down

A ladder of notes 






10 responses

  1. I really love haikus and this one is lovely.
    Good discriptions! Masha’Allah it would be so wonderful to just meditate at the Kabba.
    By the way you’re tagged!~
    Write a six word memoir.
    See the details and example on my blog.

  2. Tagged, huh? Six word memoir? That’s quite a challenge! I don’t know whether I am up to it, and yes, it was wonderful to pray and mediatate at the Kaaba, alhumdulillah.

    Wa Aleykum Assalaam, Safiyyah. Yes, I am blessed to have visited Mecca five or six times. I would return to the Kingdom simply to pray again in Mecca, to sit facing the Kaaba, listening to the birds and the padding of shoeless feet, reading the Qur’an softly in a quiet corner by myself.

  3. It IS a challenge to sum up everything in 6 words ugh it took me ages to figure mine out.

    OoooOOOooooOOoooo barefeet padding around…. that’s very beautiful and makes me wanna write poems about it…

  4. I appreciate your comments, Irving and Aafke. Haiku is challenging because it forces you to focus on the details, and to compress the essence of something into a stark form. I like writing them and reading them.

    A good haiku stays with me for years. I remember one I read thirty years ago; its image is as clear today as it was when I first read it.

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